Welcome to our “Quietwater Plus” Canoeing Community!

Quietwater Plus is a community rooted in passion for moving with grace and style on the surface of the water.

The animating spirit of this community was captured quite powerfully (if controversially) by Mike Galt back in 1978, in a legendary article entitled The Solo Mystique. This was a defining statement from the early days of solo sport-canoeing.

Here in Europe, Jörg Wagner, Silke and Andreas Reitner, Wouter and Annemieke Kieboom, Mark Maier, Franziska Pokorny, Sebastian and Tanja Stetter and others developed an ethos of Advanced Quietwater canoeing rooted in a “reduction to the essentials” with water, body, boat and paddle in perfect harmony – and ACA “Freestyle” Instructors can be found championing this approach across the continent.  Find them through www.freestylecanoeing.org!

Here in the UK, we have our own Quietwater Canoeing community, developed through workshops and gatherings at assorted festivals and symposia.  We’ve also been developing “Quietwater Plus” – returning to the animating spirit of Mike Galt and Patrick Moore.  Our “Plus” side recognises the special kind of engagement with the water which can also be found when we play with grace and style even amid wind, waves and/or current.

If you enjoy moving well upon the surface of the water… whether the water is “quiet” or not… our “community of practice” group exists for you: to offer encouragement, support, guidance and more.  Find us and get involved through the OCA website, our Facebook Group, the Song-of-the-Paddle Forum or any other channel you care to find!