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Funny Canoe Moves – Why?

Kringelfieber - Photo from Martin Strunge

All in all, the most important thing is just to go paddle –whether it’s on a lake or a river, solo or tandem canoes, or even a kayak or SUP. However, never close your eyes for the chance to get better and freestyle canoeing will make you a better, more efficient paddler. So ends a […]

A Great Quietwater Canoeing Weekend!

Nikki on the Soar @ the first Quietwater Plus Gathering

We aimed at “a quality weekend both on and off the water”… and the feedback on the UK’s first “Quietwater Plus” Conclave suggests we managed just that.  A few muscles are reportedly a little stiff, but a combination of inspirational coaching, excellent venues and (above all) enthusiastic and positive participants created a weekend to remember. Thanks […]

1st Conclave – The Boathouse @ Barrow – January 2016

In January, 2016, canoeists will gather in rural Leicestershire for a first formal Conclave of the UK’s “Quietwater Plus” Community.  This will involve quality on-water workshops during each day with an international coaching team, but also quality time off the water – and we will have excellent hosts offering fine food and accommodation! Over the afternoon / evening of Friday 29th January, we meet for […]

Welcome to our “Quietwater Plus” Canoeing Community!

Quietwater Plus is a community rooted in passion for moving with grace and style on the surface of the water. The animating spirit of this community was captured quite powerfully (if controversially) by Mike Galt back in 1978, in a legendary article entitled The Solo Mystique. This was a defining statement from the early days […]

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